Decentralizing asset custodianship

PHATs is a protocol for tokenizing physical assets such as gold, hard currencies and collectibles. Anyone can issue tokens backed by real-world assets, make them tradable and earn recurring income for being a Keeper (a custodian).

PHATs is revolutionizing physical assets on the blockchain

Making existing asset-backed tokens more decentralized and otherwise opaque and inefficient markets transparent and accessible to a dramatically wider audience globally.

Current asset-tokens are centralized, opaque and frequently under-collateralized.

Currently physical asset-tokens are centralized and rely on a single custodian offering no advantage over traditional offerings.

PHATs is decentralized, transparent and backed 1:1 by the underlying physical asset with additional on-chain collateral.

PHATs’ physical-asset tokens are the first truly decentralized asset-tokens demonstrably backed by the underlying asset.

PHATs is making tokenized physical assets viable & secure.

The PHATs Council ensures the integrity of PHATs physical-asset tokens, with decentralized governance and over-collateralized physical assets.

Security & verification through decentralized governance.

Issuance of new py tokens needs to be approved by the PHATs Council via an audit report.

No fractional reserves, just fully asset-backed reserves.

All py assets are held against off-chain plus on-chain collateral and are subject to custody challenge.

PHATs Council members and users are incentivized to work in equilibrium to ensure the integrity of the protocol.

Through transparent checks and balances PHATs Protocol actors ensure that physical assets remain in the possession of custodians.


Keepers are custody agents of physical assets, securely storing and backing tokens.

The Council

PHATs Council is a group of incentivezed arbiters that rule on specific claims.

The Challenger

Either the PHATs Council or PHATs token holders can challenge whether a given Keeper is still in possession of the physical asset.

Tokenize anything & decentralize asset custodianship.

Low liquidity in traditional reserve currencies and commodity tokens has for too long prevented the curation of balanced, diversified tokenized potfolios.

Boutique currencies

Boutique currencies are currencies with independent monetary policy, backed by prudent economic theory.


Tokenized commodities are non-existent. PHATs allows portfolio diversification through exposure to a basket of tokenized commodities.

Art & rare collectibles

Art and collectibles can be monetized via PHATs.

PHATs & Sovreign are powering a revolution in tokenized assets.

By providing liquidity in tokenized commodities, boutique currencies and other store-of-value assets, PHATs allows for truly diversified tokenized assets.